D Globe Buy / Sell Property


Buying property should be a considered decision based on your short or long term objectives. Our expertise in regional property markets give us an edge when it comes to providing professional guidance in the right type of property to invest in. With our finger on the pulse of the market we can advise when to buy and the type of property where strategic investment yields optimum asset appreciation and maximized returns. Our professional realtors factor in risk and market movements while providing sound guidance based on solid, proven tactics. While the common strategy may be to put all money in one single piece of property, we, at D Global, provide a better solution to distribute capital in various buying options to create a base for better future yields and appreciation of your money. The result is unqualified success and high satisfaction for each client, assuring returns far beyond your expectations.


If you have a piece of property you wish to sell off, consult our professionals. Our services start with finding the right buyer, fixing the right market price for your property and then going on to negotiate the maximum price. Our property selling services do not stop there; we investigate buyers, handle documentation and registration; and make water-tight transactions for you. With our experts taking care of each transaction from start to finish you need have no worries at any stage. Assign us the task and get funds in your bank in double quick time: it is as simple as that. We have local, regional and national channels to publicize your property as well as a network of associates with a list of buyers waiting for the right property to come along. If you have property to sell and wish to get maximum returns, get in touch with us first.