D GLobe Consultation

Here at D Globe we offer world class real estate portfolio management consultancy. Get in touch with us and you, as an individual or a corporate entity, are better empowered to make really informed decisions about real estate investments. Our experts are always alive to opportunities, track capital markets as well as real estate marketplaces and provide precisely tailored consultation in terms of identification of real estate assets and compilation of a portfolio with the objective of creating wealth for you. Our consultancy covers the entire gamut of real estate portfolio including leases, due diligence, market studies, securitization, tax and property valuation, fixed asset management, insurance appraisals and cost segregation to name only a few. We have the capabilities and talent to take on the most complex situations and provide refined solutions. Experts at D Globe help restructure and develop strategic structures while keeping regulatory compliances in mind to ensure peace of mind even as your assets multiply and become the foundation for your prosperity.


Investments in property should always be the outcome of strategic planning with the help of expertise, knowledge and skills that we are D Globe offer at the highest levels. Our professionals take on challenges and resolve intricate issues in investment planning with a multidisciplinary, global approach. Each client’s requirement is different and our teams of experts come together to provide custom investment solutions. Our advisers help identify intelligent investment avenues that will optimize returns in such diverse areas as buying property with a short term or long term perspective, and asset or facility management that provides steady returns. With our knowledge and experience we can offer right guidance in various core sectors such as residential property investment, commercial properties, hotels, industries or retail. We have investment experts and a huge database of opportunities as well as knowledge about latest trends, all of which come together to help in capital appreciation of our clients and their long term prosperity. Talk to us and find out how our superior services help strategic investments contribute to your wealth.