D Globe NRI Services


When it comes to property buying or selling, there are unique laws governing NRI transactions. As a premier real estate portfolio management solution provider, we are fully conversant with such regulations. When you consult us with intent to buy or sell property, lease or develop, our experts provide the right guidance on all matters, formulating a custom investment strategy aligned with your objective of creating valuable assets with high capital appreciation value. Based in India, we handle all transactions on your behalf, regardless where you may be located. We help with opening your NRO account and then negotiate as well as transact investment matters for you, besides arranging remittances. Our NRI service extends to individuals, persons of Indian Origin (PIO) and overseas corporate bodies made up of people of Indian origins. Consult us and you will find out how our superior capabilities can help you make strategic real estate investment decisions aimed at growing your wealth while keeping you free from all the hassles involved in such transactions.

Q: Who is NRI?

Answer: A NRI is a person resident outside India who is either a citizen of India or a person of Indian origin. For all official purpose the Government of India recognizes an NRI who is away from India for more than 182 days, in a year.

Q: Who is PIO?

Answer: A person of Indian origin means an individual (not being a citizen of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Shri Lanka, Afghanistan, China, Iran, Nepal or Bhutan) who, Held an Indian Passport at any time, or Who or whose father or paternal grandfather was a citizen of India by virtue of the Constitution of India or the Citizenship Act, 1955.

Q: Which type of Property can NRI/PIO purchase in India?

Answer: There are no restrictions on the purchase of any numbers of Residential/Commercial Properties (except agricultural land/farm house/plantation)

Q: How should the purchase of residential immovable property be paid for by NRI/PIO under the general permission?

Answer: The purchase consideration should be met either out of inward remittance in foreign exchange through normal banking channels, or out of funds from NRE/FCNR(B)/NRO accounts maintained with banks in India.